Situs’ Asset Management team has nearly three decades of loan workout experience spanning multiple market cycles and all property types in the US, Europe and Asia. Originally establishing the GMAC Commercial Mortgage platform in 1996 and Helios AMC in 2007, our veteran commercial real estate professionals have managed over $16 billion in CRE assets in the U.S., €6 billion in Europe and have been named special servicer on over $100 billion in securitized loans.

From 2008 through 2011, Situs also served as the primary CRE Special Servicer for the FDIC, managing over 4,000 assets associated with over 50 receiverships.

CMBS Special Servicing and Non-Performing Loan Asset Management

Situs’ offers a comprehensive suite of integrated, customizable services to support distressed debt acquisition, management and disposition. Our corporate culture of independence, transparency and integrity, permits us to focus on maximizing the recovery for our clients and partners. We achieve superior results through our skill as active distressed debt asset managers, not simply passive financial engineering. Executing our strategy over multiple market cycles across the global markets and all asset classes, our managing of CMBS & NPL portfolios provides insight into “real time” market color of property and market dynamics.  Our deep network of market specific professionals provides a competitive advantage in the acquisition and management of distressed assets.

Situs’ asset management team leverages the experience of our primary servicing and CRE advisory practices to support the management of performing, sub-performing, non-performing loans and equity portfolios. Our services include, loan-specific re-underwriting to assist in the management of loan maturities and potential default situations and direct REO operating, re-positioning and liquidation management. Time-tested and rigorous property-level analysis, business plan diligence and investment review processes developed in the course of completing thousands of transactions worldwide enable us to identify and manage potential risks to the benefit of our clients and partners.

With European offices in London, Dublin, Copenhagen and Frankfurt, Situs provides our clients global experience and expertise, tempered by the needs and practices of the local market.  Our skill set and capabilities also address the needs of financial institutions, by advising on market leading loan portfolio transactions.  

Situs is a rated Special Servicer by both Fitch Ratings and Standard & Poor’s.

Operating Advisor

As a trusted Advisor, providing oversight and consultative services to CMBS trusts.

  • Loan level oversight on individual defaulted loans
  • Maintain and monitor large-scale databases and quantitative loan performance analytics
  • Provide secure database with active redundancy
  • Provide subject matter experts with significant conflict management resolution expertise

Related Commercial Real Estate Professional Services

Situs provides a unique end-to-end business services platform. Your attention is directed to our Advisory & Consulting and Back Office Fulfillment groups for other related CRE advisory services.

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