Situs’ GSE & Multifamily Advisory group is a specialized practice area exclusively dedicated to the multifamily apartment industry. Our team of qualified professionals has experience in all aspects of multifamily, including development, management, leasing, accounting, valuation and principal ownership. Our clients represent the GSEs, Fannie Mae DusTM Lenders and Freddie Mac Program PlusTM Seller/Servicers, as well as individual property owners.

Situs has experience with current GSE programmatic guidelines that span the spectrum from market rate, to affordable, student and senior housing. Our multifamily advisory services are engaged as a one-off transaction and/or as part of a suite of professional services to meet the client’s business objectives. Certain surveillance and accounting services are also provided as an on-going service for clients looking to outsource back office risk mitigation functions.

Advisory Solutions Include

  • Conventional and GSE Loan Underwriting
  • Portfolio Collateral Evaluations & Transactional Support
  • Property Inspections and Competitive Benchmarking Analysis
  • Feasibility & Market Studies
  • Borrower Experience and Credit Reviews
  • Technical Services Administration (Environmental, Property Condition and Appraisal)
  • Credit Memorandum and Asset Summary Preparation

S.W.A.T. for Multifamily Properties

Survey, Walk-through, Audit and Test for buyers, borrowers and lenders of multifamily properties, Situs offers a specialized inspection service known as “S.W.A.T.” The “Survey, Walk through, Audit and Test” process is designed to help clients quickly evaluate multifamily properties for a variety of purposes including lending, acquisition, valuation and litigation support.

Inspection Services Include

  • Door-by-door assessment of unit quality, condition and deferred maintenance
  • Property and building assessment of the quality, condition deferred maintenance
  • Audit and review of Tenant Lease Files, reconciling completeness and rent roll discrepancies
  • Interview and assessment of on-site operations and management
  • Competitive rental survey and benchmarking analysis  

Related Commercial Real Estate Professional Services

Situs provides a unique end-to-end business services platform. Please refer directed to our Primary Servicing, Asset Management and Back Office Fulfillment groups for other related CRE portfolio services.

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