Situs’ financial due diligence group consists of experts in understanding the nuances of commercial property operations. With deep experience in accounting and real estate valuation, finance and real estate professionals come to rely on the Situs team to perform confirmatory due diligence and risk mitigation for acquisition, lending and/or litigation support.

Our financial due diligence services are engaged as a one-off transaction and/or as part of a suite of professional services designed to meet our client’s business objectives. These audit services are also provided as an on-going service for clients looking to outsource certain back office functions to satisfy their on-going accounting needs.

Advisory Solutions Include

  • Agreed upon procedures
  • Financial statement due diligence
  • FAS 141 purchase price allocation
  • Third party report management and evaluation
  • Sales and leasing market data analysis
  • ARGUS modeling
  • Construction cost testing

Financial Support Services

  • CAM and tax recovery reconciliation
  • Financial reporting
  • Accounts payable and receivable analysis and management
  • Cash management and bank reconciliation
  • Accounting system migration

Related Commercial Real Estate Professional Services

Situs provides a unique end-to-end business services platform. Please refer to our Primary Servicing, Asset Management and Back Office Fulfillment groups for other related CRE portfolio services.

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