Cost-Effective, Secured Management of Your Confidential Real Estate Documents

Time is of the essence when it comes to today’s real estate transactions, providing all involved parties with quick, easy access to documents is crucial. That is why we created Situs D.O.R., our digital online repository.

Considered a virtual data room, Situs D.O.R. provides authorized users secure, instant, 24/7 access to transaction documents via the Internet. This means no more waiting for costly overnight deliveries and faxes to arrive.

A Situs D.O.R. can be set up the same day a client calls to open an account. We will organize all transaction documents, such as loan presentations, financial statements, property photographs, lease abstracts, rent rolls, and appraisal reports. We will also digitally scan paper documents, produce customized tracking reports, and provide expert desktop support.

We invite you to contact your Situs representative today to find out how Situs can open a D.O.R. for you.

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