Innovative, Insightful…Trusted


Our mission is to provide innovative solutions, and serve as the trusted advisor to the global real estate industry.


Our vision is to develop commercial real estate champions that provide an unwavering commitment to our clients' success, by delivering insight, enhanced risk management and creative solutions.

Core Values

  • People: Inspire through mentorship, creating an environment of growth and opportunity
  • Authenticity: Value ethics over mathematics
  • Culture: Reward innovation, creativity and passion
  • Diversity: Celebrate acceptance and respect in a safe, positive and nurturing environment

Situs is the premier provider of commercial real estate loan advisory services and integrated process solutions. We offer a full complimentary suite of professional advisory services, and a customized service model to meet the high demands of our clients and partners.

Since 1985, our value proposition has been focused on four main areas: enterprise and process improvement; capital markets and real estate advisory; primary and special servicing; and creative staffing solutions that provide real-time scalability and cost containment. Our clients and partners benefit from our highly flexible business model, and customized solutions that provide data transparency, enhanced credit analytics, execution risk mitigation and operational efficiencies.

Our deep expertise in global financial markets, as well as commercial real estate credit and valuation, provides our clients and partners a profoundly different experience, which is anchored by our tried and tested team of seasoned professionals. Our track record has created a respected industry brand, with demonstrated integrity in cyclical markets.

Why we are successful

Our professionals are the primary attribute to our continued success. Their thoughtful, entrepreneurial spirit enables us to provide clients with truly unique, flexible, and comprehensive solutions across North America and Europe.